About us

We are a team of passionate people about travels and exclusive experiences. Since 2005 we have being designing the most fantastic tailor-made journeys around the globe always focusing on the details aiming special memories.

L’Espace Tours

To travel is, definitely, more than just visit new places. It’s to enjoy what happens to our soul when we do it.

The agency was created in 2005 from the mutual desire of showing the world to other people that love to travel, just like us. We understand that this is a privilege and this is the reason why we work so hard, with professionalism and integrity.

We invite you to travel the world with us and to collect memories that can’t be found in post cards.


To enrich our customers’ lives through fantastic travels, always respecting their preferences and seeking to exceed their expectations through our excellence in services.


Provide access to unforgettable experiences for the largest number of people. This is done through a team that has a passion for discovering new travel possibilities and enough sensitivity to turn these dreams into reality.


Our greatest pillar is respect for the human being and the planet. Sustainability and engagement in social causes are born from this principle, because we understand that only by thinking about the others we can build a better world.


Sabemos que o encanto de uma viagem é construído pela essência de seus mínimos detalhes. São as pequenas gentilezas, além da inquestionável eficiência do serviço e atendimento, que tornam simples momentos em situações memoráveis.

Nosso reconhecimento no mercado nos garante um excelente relacionamento com nossos parceiros. Além de sermos uma agência Virtuoso, também somos parceiros preferenciais das mais conceituadas redes hoteleiras ao redor do mundo, garantindo aos nossos clientes a experiência mais personalizada possível.

Parceiros Preferenciais