Tailored itineraries

Unique travel programs designed only for you

We take the time to get to know you and understand your taste and travel style. Everything that matters to you is important for us: your preferred seat assignment, your food restrictions, and your favorite hotel; no matter if it is a quick escape or an extensive itinerary, we pay attention to each and every detail.

Best flights

International and national flight bookings

The best season to travel, the most suitable time table, the best connection, the airline company with the highest flight frequency, the air fare… Deciding when and how to travel can be extremely challenging and that is why you can always rely on us to find the best travel solutions, beginning by the air portion.

Hotels and amenities

Hotel reservations with exclusive benefits

We know how important is to choose the most suitable hotel when planning a trip; having a good night’s sleep and taking the ideal breakfast are fundamental factors to start the day well, but there is something that differs the common days from the unforgettable ones: the dedicated service at the hotel. It is not about picking the right hotel for you, but knowing the right people in each property; as a Virtuoso member and preferred partner with the most valued hotel chains, we know that you will have the distinguished treatment you are looking for, no matter where you are. We work with the best suppliers around the globe and our goal is to find the ideal place for your stay.

Creative Consulting

Personal Travel Concierge

Once we know what you are looking for, we carefully study your travel itinerary, so we can inspire you with great suggestions of what to do and what to see, giving you access to exclusive services while you are away from home. From watching a sold-out opera concert to having lunch in a small bistro known only by locals, we will assist you with anything that can improve your travel experience.

Speed and emotion

Luxury car rentals, helicopters, private jet and yachts charters

What does it take to make a travel experience truly unique? Finding the right car rental? Arriving at Monaco to watch the Grand Prix, in style by helicopter? Driving a BMW on German roads, where there is no speed control? Celebrating your anniversary with your dearest friends in a private yacht? When it comes to wishes, we know that your creativity has no limits, just like ours. We are ready to find the most within whatever fits you best.

Destination Wedding

The perfect wedding on a perfect trip

A few moments are as decisive as the one when we decide to start a new life with the one we love. That is why we believe that the best love stories do not begin with “Once upon a time…”, but “This is where it all begun”. Weddings, just like trips, are made to celebrate the most beautiful feelings inside us, thus, why not combining both?

All on board

Sea and river cruises

Nothing compares to what we feel while watching the sun rise amid the immensity of the sea. Such ordinary event becomes a beautiful exhibition of nature when one is on a cruise, whether it is at sea or river. Relaxing and intimate, classic and elegant, modern and casual, wide and trendy, a mini-cruise or a transoceanic one: there is an option for every taste and our mission here is helping you find the one which will best suit your expectations.

Legendary Journeys

Sophisticated trains around the globe

Iconic, luxury train trips put us in a very peculiar mood: we miss people we have not met and experiences we have not lived yet. Classic and elegant, luxury trains offer impeccable infrastructure and dedicated service to the most demanding travelers.

One step ahead you

Airport Assistance

We do not exaggerate when we say we take care of each detail of your trip. Our team is ready to meet and greet you at the airport and make sure your worries are only the choice of book or gadget you will take on board. After double checking your itinerary’s information, we help you with your luggage and any other concerns before your departure.

Immediate Attention

Emergency Assistance

While you are travelling, we are here for you. You can always rely on us should something not go as planned. A phone call away and we will take the problem from there.

Smooth ride

Passport and Visa Processing

As international travel regulations vary from country to country and on a very frequent basis, we understand how stressful and confusing dealing with different rules can be. We work very closely with you to eliminate any chance of any mishap with travel documentation.