About Us

Story of L'Espace

Our story has begun in an unexpected way, in 2005. A few months before opening L’Espace, Vera, who had never thought of having her own travel agency, was invited by a friend to help her with a few negotiations at her agency, a member of the Virtuoso network back then. A natural born traveler, Vera had for the first time the opportunity to understand the operational backstage of the luxury travel market, now seen through a new perspective.

When her friend fell ill and passed away, the agency was closed and Vera decided to continue the work she had started. Due to their great relationship with suppliers around the globe, Vera and Chadi, business partners at the time, opened L’Espace in April of 2005, and the agency was a Virtuoso member since its foundation.

Working in two different fronts, luxury experiences and corporate travels, they both realized, as time went by, the need to specialize in just one market segment. As each leisure travel is handmade, in a timeless process that requires constant update and hard work, Vera and Chadi chose to focus on tailored experiences.

Thus, we established ourselves as a travel boutique that since 2005 creates personalized itineraries to clients who look for unique moments and exclusive experiences.